Don’t Let the World Get You Down

macworld.comEver feel the weight of the world is too heavy? Stock markets and meteors crashing…nations floundering in debt…wars and rumours…bullies and tyrants…politics and lies…Truth shoved into the back seat…

Sometimes this amazing temporary home called ‘Earth’ can feel like it’s closing in on us and crowding out the everyday joy of living. We know that it’s just not right, but it seems we can’t help it. Something’s sneaked up on us and stolen our joy. When this happens…don’t let the world get you down. Put your hand in God’s. Trust Him. Think on good things. Soak up a clear blue sky. Laugh like a kid. Dare to dream again. Refuse to be anxious. Pray. Try something new! Set sail. Weigh anchor in a sunny quiet harbour of God’s promises. Believe.

God encourages us to trust Him even in times of trouble. So He can lift us up…and we can give Him glory. Don’t wait. Do it. Today. Let go…and let God.

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