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Jumpin’ into God’s River

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Have you ever stood and listened to the great rushing roar of a mighty river? There’s nothing like it. The sound of water soothes and envigorates the human spirit. Translate this sound into a symbol of God’s incredible life-giving presence which Jesus spoke of and you will begin to get a picture of His river of life, the NEW LIFE He promised would OVERFLOW within all who follow Him. God’s new life in Jesus Christ isn’t a ‘church thing’ or ‘religious thing’. It is LIFE itself. New life! Life that sparkles straight from heaven. Life that refreshes here and now, with the flow of God’s incredible New Creation power. If the noises of life and the stress around you has worn you to a frazzle, what are you waiting for? It’s time to remove or get around any dam that’s blocking the flow of God’s blessings. It’s time to get back to God’s River…and jump in!… John 4: 14

For more about the River of God’s Pleasure, read a message from Pastor Francis Frangipane…

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One thought on “Jumpin’ into God’s River

  1. Wow! My spirit, soul just received a soothing soak in God’s hot tub…

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