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When God Steps In Like A Fighting Hero

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redwood forest, scenicreflections.comLife’s troubles and storms can be fiercer than fierce. We may run into ‘close calls’ or tough circumstances that howl like a black tornado on the horizon. We have no idea how we got into this mess or how to get out.

I had a small idea about God as a kid. I’d gone to church and tried to be good. I had learned the difference between right and wrong. But I didn’t get to know God until my mid-20s. When a storm hit. I had begun insisting on living life my way. And I’d landed up in more trouble than I’d bargained for. What I had mistaken for an exciting ‘love’ relationship nosedived into a scary downward spiral of psychological and physical abuse. Darkness hounded me and I finally cried out to God. In no time at all, God made a way out of darkness and sent caring and praying friends of faith to help me.

But I’ll never forget the chilling reminder of where I’d been with my ex-boyfriend when he called one day and whined and threatened over the phone, “Don’t worship God, worship me!”

Looking back, there are countless times God has has stepped in with bold love to free me from life’s storms. He has led me along peaceful trails through quiet forests of learning how to walk more closely with Him. God never ducks out on us. He’s there for the long haul. He is forever teaching and establishing us in His promises. He upholds us by grace and waters us and refreshes our lives with constant hope. God powerfully strengthens the pillars of faith beneath us. One day we look around and realize we are standing firm. With God as our fighting hero, we will never be shaken. (Revelation 3: 12)

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One thought on “When God Steps In Like A Fighting Hero

  1. We will never be shaken…thanks for the reminder, Susan!

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