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Deal with Bad News – God’s Way

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crossmap.comSeems there’s way more bad news going around than good news. Bad news can scare us and it’s just plain bad for us. It’s like overloading on mega-bad carbs and trans fats and then some. Heart attack city. So how can we deal with all the deadly news out there? Here are 3 suggestions…

1. Don’t worry. (worry is a trap that opens doors to doubt and fear, and can get your focus off of God.  2. Don’t worry. (God’s people who trust in Him are promised they will have no fear of bad news.  3. (can I say it again?) Don’t worry .(God promises His people the help they need to overcome. And God promises to work all things together for good in our lives no matter what bad news is going on). True, we need to be in tune to what’s going on, because God wants us aware, not to scare us but to prepare us, and so we can pray His heaven-sent power into situations. Remember to guard your heart from allowing bad news to trouble you. Don’t be afraid. Hear God’s voice in the storms. Count on his 100% care. For more, catch Ravi Zacharias’s movie-video…How Do You Frighten Someone Who’s Met the One Who Knows the Way Out? (4 min 30 sec)

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