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Letter from a Bully



There once was a king in ancient Israel whose kingdom felt shakey. His armies felt broken down and weak. And the king trembled. He had just received a nasty note, “Give it all up. It’s useless. God can’t help you. You’re going to have to serve me from now on!” The tone of the letter wasn’t only threatening, it bore all the markings of an ancient foe…the vilest, meanest, low-down-est, cunning-est, ugliest, copy-catting-est, smart-talking-est, prideful, hateful ol’ bullies and liars of all time. That note echoed the chilling voice of the ‘father of lies’ otherwise known as the devil or Satan,  whom the Bible also describes as ‘the god of this age’, ‘the deceiver’, ‘the serpent’ and (…who…as all of God’s saints know…is already a defeated foe….but…that’s another story).

Now King Hezekiah could have given up right then and there in despair. The note’s threats sounded real and terrifying enough. And circumstances seemed to match up closely to the lies and threats. But the king did what everyone ought to do as soon as a bully appears on the scene ready to take you down. Hezekiah didn’t take the bully on. Nope. He got alone with God. The king prayed. He laid open the note before the eyes of God, the maker of the heavens and the earth. Then the king let God take over and put the wind back in his sails. God has always helped those who come to him humbly in prayer believing in His greater power. And He always will.

Read more…(2 Kings 19: 8-19

“The kingdom of heaven advances boldly…and bold men and women lay hold of it…”
(Matthew 11:12)

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2 thoughts on “Letter from a Bully

  1. It can be said that in spite of seemingly insurmountable opposition, God and one is a majority.

    God bless u up north.

  2. Reblogged this on l i g h t w r i t e r s and commented:

    In the wake of terrifying attacks on my nation Canada’s capital this week, and in Quebec, and on the streets of NYC in the US…I felt led to reblog this message, originally posted in early 2013…hope it encourages,..and reminds us all…that no matter the threats of harm or alarm… darkness is always overcome by light…

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