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Breathtaking…phenomenal…from Lyn at Vine of Life News. Bless you VoL… 🙂


Author: LightWriters

Faith child. Poet. Photo-buff.

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  1. Lyn, that is so awesome. Rejoicing with you! Thank you and the Lord greatly bless your books and ongoing ministry.

  2. Hey..I wanted to tell you something that God did for me. It’s phenomenal. Without God it would not have happened! Joel Richardon and Wlaid Shoebat..international best selling authors and speakers (Islamic Antichrist/Mideast Beast), etc. both gave me endorsements for my books! Hallelujah! If it weren’t for him, they would have never even given me the time of day! Check out what they said on my front page http://LynLeahz.com It’s right below the summary for book one in my eternal soul series..which will be out through Thomas Nelson, Westbow press here in a month and a half. Yea! Glory to God. Go see what they wrote! I was so happy I cried!

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