Il Regalo

Surf pounding at his limbs
Throwing him on strange shores
Oceans drumming inside of him
Too wide to cross. Seeing Eliana.

On the road, waiting for him
Almond eyes. Russet hair
A half moon smile he loved
He reached out. But it wasn’t her

Eravamo gemelli…

We were twins, she explained
Elizabetta. An identical sister
A revealer of Eliana’s sorrows
A child left behind. Eliana gone forever
Prompting Elizabetta to write to him

The year after Eliana died
il documento ufficio, in her hand
Naming Ilario a benefactor

She had left him…un regalo…a gift
A small cantina. A patch of land
Nothing magnifico, a fattoria
Elizabetta paused. Saw his disbelief
The anguish tearing him apart
Eliana, who had been there for him
And who had needed him. Now this
A land forgotten. A love lost

Elizabetta. Silent. Wondering
Would he stay…for the bambina?
For the girl. Eliana’s daughter.
No answer. No words. He left
And returned one evening. A month later
Elizabetta’s eyes, Eliana’s asking
Will you stay…?

i sarà…

When he and Elizabetta married
It was a quiet wedding. Famiglia.
Followed by a desire to begin again
A new home. A villa near Orvieto
They agreed. The child, Fiorenza happy
And jumping up and down with questions

Was this my mama’s gift?

sì piccolo.

Il regalo… Eliana’s gift.

un nuovo inizio
A new beginning.

© 2013 S. Michaels
Blank Canvas
Seven Love Stories – Ilario & Eliana

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