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Vento Destino

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flagwallpapers.com, shell against sea

Le Parche, nella mitologia romana
Vento destino, fierce winds of fate

Drove him, Venice to Catanzaro
La Roccelletta di Borgia in springtime

Bellabella. To be where Eliana had walked

He had never left everything behind before
But she was gone. Cosa ci riserva il destino? 
Nothing was left. But to keep going

He spoke of this journey as affari, business
But he knew better. So did everyone else

Amico di un amico, he spoke reservedly
To an avvocato femmina at the other end

In return, she spoke as if she was snow or ice
Crisp and cold. Asking how Eliana’s famiglia knew him
And how it had been Eliana’s last wish to find him
To bequeath to him a gift to be received di persona

Naturalmente, ovviamente, he’d said from somewhere
In a strange land. Unable to breathe. Unable to speak

Sleeping in his car on a roadside, tossing as the sea
He heard Eliana’s young happy whisper in his ear

I asked the winds to send you to me…

But not this way. Never like this.

© 2013 S. Michaels
Blank Canvas
Seven Love Stories – Ilario & Eliana

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