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Kwang-Sun’s Train

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‘Imports-Exports’, Karra Sun, CEO
Prim. She sat with hands held stiffly

Took out her card. Tucked it away.
Reversible paper. Pop-up sun.
Worlds away. Another life.

On a train from Gijang-gun Busan
Headed for the seacoast at sunrise.
Envisioning stars flying far & distant
Washed out by NYC lights. Andrew’s eyes.
Blazing. Burning through crushing crowds.
Signing books. Sporting another best-seller.
Perhaps searching for her. Riding a money-train.

Life was here, with a gold sun spilling over hills
Where she was not Karra, but Kwang-Sun.

light & goodness…a destiny yet to fulfill
(the boy’s name given by her parents
commemorating a son they’d lost)
Her name had given her a certain courage

It was not enough, she believed. Never.
Not courageous to hide away lost in love.

Too little time. In truth, nothing came easy.
No trades were too risky for a freedom fighter.
Rescuing defectors from the north. Not always.
She had lost five. Washed away at sea a week ago.

So you see, my dearest Andrew.
I must take a different train than you…

But she had recently relented. Penned a note.
A quick inky passion, posted to a rural box number.
Somewhere in the USA. Mid-west of nowhere.
It seemed to her Andrew’s life was lost.
Held prisoner by the pages of his books.

© 2013 S. Michaels
Blank Canvas
Seven Love Stories – Andrew & Karra

Author: LightWriters

Life. Faith. Wellness.

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