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Has perfectionism taken too much living out of your life? ‘Sunshine Factor’ hits the mark and deals perfectionism a knock out punch with a brief ‘courtroom drama’ and an ending you won’t want to miss.

The Sunshine Factor

“Debbie Goes to Court”
~ a story ~

This court case was unusual. A judge was present, but no attorney or jury. Who was being tried was not a person or corporation, but rather a belief and value of some. This enemy was called Perfectionism.

Debbie brought Perfectionism to trial since her belief in it, and what was taught about it by her parents, had ruined her life. Far from the blissful existence it tried to portray, perfectionism was sickness, sorrow, and a sad form of insanity.

In this case, the judge heard Debbie’s opening arguments. She spoke them to the judge and audience, some of whom were victims of Perfectionism as well.

Debbie began:
“Perfectionism has made me hate myself when I couldn’t be perfect. I spent all my life, time and emotions trying for an impossible goal. This wore me out and robbed me of my life. I didn’t…

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