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Darling Cottage – For Rent

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etsy.comTangled lovely vines, unlike the tangled cells
Invading her body. Wisteria grew in drought.
A good teacher, the wisteria. Climbing.
Always climbing. Clockwise.
Counterclockwise. Helping her to rethink.
Herself. Her destiny. To define new paths.
Over life’s stone walls. Under. Around.

Blossoming vibrant. She too was a vine.
She pictured tendrils shooting up. Wild mind.
Green faith. When she was at her lowest. At rest.
In the Adirondack chair. By the weeping willow.
She marveled at how easily she’d slipped away.

From her ‘Medicine Man’, Leo. (smile)
He had scared her sometimes, the way he was.
Looking too deep in her soul. Laughing too loud.
She’d wanted the laughter. Feared intimacy.
Better this way. Than to know he cared. As she did.
And if he knew her battles. Then what?
She had winced when he said he liked her style.
More than anyone’s. Her flair. Her cropped hair.
Suited her, he said. Never had a clue.
So she had let go. Embraced unfairness.
Pretended she was sailing around the world.

Into the wind.  No.
She did not want him to know. Not really.
Best to laugh. To love at a distance.
Leave. And let live.

Clean break. Before her hair fell. Which it did.
In clumps. By then she’d gone. Unclumping roots in the back garden.
At the cottage. Redirecting vines. Thanking God for a newspaper ad.
Amazing how it appeared precisely when she needed it to.

Darling cottage for rent. By the sea. Wonderfully private.
Ideal romantic getaway. Air/sea access only.

No romance. (√check) Everything crystal clear. (√check)
Tough choice. Right choice.  Why put anyone through this?

Oh, Leo…how I miss you forever…

She imagined him aging slightly. A dying breed of gentlemen.
No doubt dating Sarah. Another M.D. Equals. Logical match.
Her own unequal situation. Not good. Would have been hard for him.
Carrie, You’re no martyr. Just plain practical. (smile + pat on back)
She studied more about the wisteria. Began to dislike it.
Blooms too heady. An invasive plant! Best removed outright.
In Japan however, it was supposedly a lucky charm. For marriage.
Ironic. She had fled. Somehow grew stronger. And got rid of the wisteria.

When she began healing. Took 3 years. She designed an ivy arbor.

Then planted a few hardy cedars. Walked barefoot a lot.
And let wild flowers run with abandon to the sea.

©2012 S. Michaels
Blank Canvas
Seven Love Stories – Leo & Carrie

Author: LightWriters

Life. Faith. Wellness.

One thought on “Darling Cottage – For Rent

  1. Excellent. I enjoyed reading this a lot. I liked the metaphors of the wisteria, ivy arbors, hardy cedars, and the wildflowers.

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