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Carrie’s Bridge

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Rosey shadows filled his footprints
Red winter afternoons on Carrie’s bridge
Air diggin’at him again like knives
Sharpening her back into view
Imagining her, a daffodil on her coat
A harbinger of spring, smiling hello.
They’d connected easily. From day one.
On the bridge. Found out they both ‘lived’ at St. Jude’s
He, an intern. She was somewhat mysterious.
Just call me a regular… She’d never explained
Only let him search her clear grey eyes
Wide as January skies, sometimes blue.
Left him wondering how he’d missed seeing her
Before this. All this time.  So close. And so far.
Especially wondering who it was she visited.
She never said. Even when they met often
Over spicey noodles and bowls of tea
At Bamboo, a pretend-paradise of
bubble pink walls & splashing fountains
The roar of her laughter a waterfall
Hitting him, warm as sunshine
Dr. Cash…You kidding me?
That makes us Cash n’Carry
He’d loved her humour. How she connected dots
Always respected her asking for his phone #
But protecting hers. Never questioned.
But one day she stopped meeting him.
No explanation. Only a bridge to remind him.
Crossings. Passages. Imagining her return.
On a summer breeze. Telling all. Making up time.
Just saying… he told his dog, Pal
Nowadays he met Sarah. At Bamboo. Noodles and tea.

©2012 S. Michaels
Blank Canvas
Seven Love Stories – Leo & Carrie

Author: LightWriters

Life. Faith. Wellness.

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