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Rainbow Igloo


Rainbow Igloo, TheWeatherNetwork.com

My Canadian city just got body-slammed. Following an almost balmy first two weeks of January, we’re heading into a wintry weekend forecast and blizzard with minus 33 Celsius temps forecast for overnight with the wind chill. Brrr… Back to reality. This  IS winter after all, and who does it up better than us Canucks? We weather winter. Rather well. We are resilient people of character…and colour. Take this real life  igloo story for example, as presented by TheWeatherNetwork.com. It made me smile when a coworker sent this my way after a week fighting off the remnants of the 100-Day Flu Bug, and following a couple of sad goodbyes to retiring colleagues at work, not to mention a broken-down boiler (again) that left me coming home to frigidly cold floors in my apartment yesterday.  After all, when it gets right down to it, no matter where you are or what the weather, life IS what you make it. And there’s always a rainbow…somewhere. 

p.s. Over the years I’ve heard dozens of wild n’ wooley Canadian myths including the odd belief that all of us live in igloos here in the great white north. Uh, not quite. But if we did? One of these would be absolutely fabulous! 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Rainbow Igloo

  1. I smiled at your PS. So many people seem to think that we Aussies have kangaroos bouncing down our main streets and in our back yards. The first time I went back to England, many years ago, I visited my cousin. Her young daughter was excited about meeting us. When we arrived, she burst out crying, because she thought we would be very brown, near naked, standing on one leg, holding a spear and a boomerang – the only picture she’d seen of an Australian aborigine. (I am fair, born in England, but a true blue Aussie by heart)

  2. thank U, Dee! Made it through. 🙂

  3. Rainbow igloo sounds wonderful! Please stay warm and drive safely in the slippery snow! Blessings to you, Susan! Dee

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