At The Door

I knocked
At the door of centuries
And waited long through
Endless raging wars and hate.

I knocked
At the door of nations
Listening with aching heart
To arguments of greed and strife.

I knocked at the door
Of great men and kings
And was left waiting
As they counted up their change.

I knocked at the door
Of seeking hearts
Welcoming in – the unexpected!

The broken & hurting
The widow & the lonely
The soldier & the homeless
The hopeless & the rejected
The humble & the longing
The lost & weary
The poor & heartbroken
The lame, ill, & forgotten
The hungry & the abused
Those giving all they have
To follow and seek My Kingdom
And those of childlike faith.

I stand at the door.



For the cynic, the unbelieving & angry
For the spiritually blind & the proud
For the self-satisfied & the takers
For the boastful & the religious

But, oh, the hour grows late
And I stand at the door
Waiting. For lost ones
And prodigals to come home.

Waiting. Waiting.
With open arms of love.
Even unto the close of the ages.

© 2012 S. Michaels
From God’s Heart

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