Fair Blue

Where hills dip green an highlands soar
Above thae world’s outrageous clamour
We dream’d ae dream ‘neath lilac skyes
An soar’d above heather’d rustic realms
An list’n’d lang near rushin’ burns
An felt oor eyes drawn into a gaze

Fair blue, as Alba’s isles

Past sweepin’ rugged rain-wash’d glens
Where highland deer defy swift men
Circled aboot oor hearts, a gowlden band
Tied sweet tae ae piper’s ramblin’ tunes
We sang tales uv truth an ow tha’s guid
Wi’ drums drum’in deep as billow’d seas

Fair blue, as Alba’s flag

A’lang wild rivers an windin’ trails
We cross’d tae stand near ancient stanes
By fortresses found’d on age-auld hills
Surround’d by springtime Dunvegan blooms
We watch’d an felt new dreams tak wing
Clear an strong as ony ae heart tha’ sings

Fair blue…as Alba’s eyes

© 2012 S. Michaels
Alba Songs

Author’s Note: ‘Alba’ – is the ancient Gaelic name for Scotland

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