City Skin

City skin, closes in
An otherworldly place
Ruled by powers unseen
By spangled smiling divas
And cool moneyed moguls
Bejewelled by spiralling condos
Washed by tides of humanity
As taxi cabs scoop up fares
And cold streets stare opalescent
Hardwired shops ooze theatre faces
Glaring & offering up all & nothing

It is unfortunate this is how things are.

For Abhilasha, an alien worker
Tomorrow shall be the same-old
She is who she is also, a shop clerk
Adrift & leaving another late shift
Making ends meet, she regrets she barked
Again today & all day at hapless strangers
Coming in & forever unable to find
Whatever it is they thought they wanted

And yet, she seeks only peace.

Above the subway’s screech & whine
Beyond glittering tattooed windows
In a city holding her at a distance
Something keeps her in its grip
No illusions, but she dreams bravely
Envisions herself pulling away a mask
To expose a city longing to be loved

©2012 S. Michaels
Five Star Notebook

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