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Love…Where You’re At


Do you dream BIG? Great! Are you doing awesome things that will leave a legacy for others to truly help make the world a better place? Fantastic! But in the midst of it, do you ever start feeling life’s running away on you? If you are getting that ‘treadmill’ feeling even while doing great things, it just might be time to get back to basics. Like LOVING people and living a day at a time. Like loving God right where you’re at.  It’s what God’s first and greatest commandment is all about (Luke 10:27).  To help you restore a balanced focus, I highly recommend  Pastor Francis Frangipane’s excellent book,And I Will Be Found By You …and read an inspiring excerpt right here.

Author: LightWriters

Life. Faith. Wellness.

2 thoughts on “Love…Where You’re At

  1. Cindy, praying for your health situation…He is with you. He’ll never leave you…and NOTHING is impossible for God! May He surround You with healing power and deliverance today and always, and be glorified in so doing, as He sets your heart rejoicing. Amen

  2. Susan, this one bowled me over! I immediately had to ask the Lord, do I love you where I’m at? I always feel that I could do more you know. but no, He wants me right where I am.

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