A Fascination with Darkness?

October used to be a time for raking leaves, a season of Thanksgiving, a fun time for kids to head out the last day of the month collecting a few treats. Things have changed.  October seems to have taken on a growing fascination with darkness. For example, how many TV networks today don’t sport a full month of horror-related programming? I seldom watch tv in October, and prefer to celebrate autumn’s beauty. But, maybe that’s just me.

Others seem to be hitting the streets stirring up darkness. In recent years North American cities have witnessed scores of adults playing at being ‘the living dead’. They get all ‘gored up’ and take part in ‘Zombie parades’,  a strange ‘celebration’ of things deathly…or ‘almost dead’…

I don’t get it.  Why this overblown fascination with darkness?

As our world erupts daily with news of toppling economies, violent crimes reaching epic levels, anarchy, wars, and global threats of terror, one might suppose or hope for more rational human experiences to unfold. One might expect people to abandon anything ‘dark’ and to celebrate ‘life’ instead of death. Instead, we hear of more ‘zombie’ classes getting integrated into universities (huh?) or about ‘zombie’ neighborhoods being designed where people can go and fill up on more gore. Has truth finally become stranger than fiction? Appears so, but let’s examine this phenomenon further…

Fact: a human fascination with darkness is nothing new. Throughout history every nation and empire has toyed with ‘the dark side’. What explains it? Is this perhaps because the Bible is true? Is there truly an unseen battle of the ages being warred between good and evil, darkness and light…and for the souls of mankind? And could it be that whether people know it or not, darkness is a choice? A choice exercised by free will, and whether people believe it or not, a time will come the other side of this life, when no one will be able to joke or excuse their choices by jibing “…aw, the devil made me do it…”?

Jesus said, “When the light within you (the God-breathed living spirit that gives you life today) is darkness (is separated from God)…how terribly great is that darkness.”

But in the midst of an apparent growing fascination with gore, and all things zombie, ghouls and darkness, I am always encouraged by the power of God’s word and truth. God, who commanded light to shine out of darkness and to shine in our hearts (2 Corinthians 4:6 The Bible, NIV) has spoken:

The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome…(John 1:5, The Bible, NIV)

© 2012 S. Michaels
From Notebook: Following God

One thought on “A Fascination with Darkness?

  1. Timely words well-spoken, Susan. Our sin-sick world always seems to embrace what isn’t good for it, but as you pointed out, the amazing thing about God is that even in the midst of the embrace of the dark side, he still reaches out to dispel darkness with his powerful light because of his mercy & grace.


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