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You Can Lead a Dying Person to Water…


Lost. Wandering in a desert wasteland…

You’re bone dry with thirst, dehydrated. Exhausted. The crushing weight of intense heat is so heavy your lungs feel ready to collapse. A faint sound reaches your ears, a musical sound carried on a sudden breeze…Crawling ahead, you think you’re in a dream. Breathless beauty surrounds you as you find yourself at the edge of a green oasis. As the sound that drew you grows louder…you discover it’s a rushing stream, with water so bright and clear you can see your own stare of disbelief reflected in its mirrored surface. As you touch the water, you let it run through your fingers. But  your mind draws a sudden blank. You pull back, refusing to drink.

Wait a minute. This makes no sense. No sense at all. What person given a choice between dying in a desert or being revived in a lovely oasis would turn down an oasis? Hey, most people would dive in and dance and splash around with crazy joy, unable to stop themselves.

This is a picture of salvation. God offers every living person the gift of eternal life, total freedom and supernatural rescue from a harsh unforgiving wasteland of worldly sin, regret, failure, religiousity, rebellion, and utter hopelessness.

But there’s an old cowboy saying you may have heard, “You can lead a horse to water, but can’t make it drink…”  Sadly, it’s the same with people and the promise of eternal life. Although God promises “TODAY” is the day of salvation and He freely offers and has fully given His absolute incredible promise of life eternal beginning right here and now, He doesn’t force His gift on us. God created us with the power of choice – with a free will. And He promises those who SEEK Him will find Him if they seek with all their hearts. Would you want to be in a relationship with someone who wasn’t as passionate about you as you were about them? God’s looking for passion-filled seekers who truly long to live with and know Him and experience all the ‘oasis’ joys of heaven, starting in this life.

Some of you may profess to follow God. You may make a pretty good effort. You go to church. You help and serve. But somehow you’ve never known the overwhelming exuberant lasting  joy Jesus spoke of when he said, “Whoever comes to Me will have springs of living water welling up within…” If you’ve never known the overflowing oasis joy of God’s salvation, ask Him to lead you by His Spirit to the river of His blessings. God is waiting…for you to seek out and experience with Him the 100% overflowing life and power of His new creation. 

The waters of life are yours…Now. For the receiving…Eternal life starts today. Dive in! Jump for joy. It’s no mirage.

© 2012 S. Michaels
From Notebook: Following God

Author: LightWriters

Life. Faith. Wellness.

3 thoughts on “You Can Lead a Dying Person to Water…

  1. A beautiful illustration of Salvation.

  2. susan what a beautiful way of explanation of the gospel of salvation!
    I too wonder what it is going to take for people to take a stand for Jesus vs sitting on the sidelines.

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