Morning Joy

It is time to talk again 

To speak openly. As friends.

To find Me while I may be found

To meet me on summit heights 

Above all tumult far below

Listen,  and know My Voice.

Look beyond circumstances

Focus on higher ground

Find wide rivers of hope

It is time for ‘all things new’

You may say, “I am too weary.”

But your God never wearies

Therefore, draw from My strength

As mountain springs refresh

Drink deeply of Spirit…

Do you not know?

Tha I have called you by name

To this very time and place

And I am with you. Believe. 

Let go of every heavy burden

Let go! It is time for laughter again

And the joy I have promised

The joy of a new beginning

The joy that comes in the morning

©2012 S. Michaels
From God’s Heart
(Based on Psalm 30:5)

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