Along A Prairie Lake

I have stood as a reed
Near marshlands silent, dark
Arms crooked, a sturdy weathered oak
I’ve stood stifled as rough wild grass
Crushed yellow underfoot in dry seasons
Curbed by winters unyielding and icy
Withered, scattered as brown leaves

I have stood and waited as the birch
Through fire seasons. Floods. Hail.
Witnessing life in black and white.
Standing in faith. Planting seedlings.
I have seen sunrises encircling skies.

I have stood solemn as an evergreen
By open fields. Awaiting harvests
And fields of laughter that lay ahead.

I am no longer easily uprooted. I stand.
Arms strong. Stretched wide as the elm
Sheltering travellers. Listeners. Seekers. Storm chasers.

I have learned to drink deep of autumn rains
Along a prairie lake. I stand as a reed unbruised.
Here, I live. And stand. And dream.

© 2012 S. Michaels
Taking Care of Dreams

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