What Matters Most – Life Notes

Autumn leaves. Stepping stones. Never letting go of dreams. Childlike faith. Cotton pyjamas. Fluffy snowflakes. Rain-scented winds. Big wide umbrellas. Playful fun with kids. ‘Catch me first!’ Good books. Happy endings. Dark stormy nights. Holes in socks. Favorite old sweaters. Short grocery lists. Winding roads. Faded jeans. Ocean waves. Forest walks. Mountaintops. Babies born. Celebrations. Kindly words. Faith renewed. Muddy shoes. Mopping up. Weekend chores. Surprise gifts. Simple things. Meals at home. Slices of heaven. Birds taking wing. Counting one’s blessings. Worries let go of. Saying ‘i forgive’. Being true and real. Meaning what you say. Sleeping under stars. Working hard. Rising early. Taking breaks. Saturday comics. A big coffee mug with your name on it. Humming a new song. Washing the car. Hard work. Saying ‘hello’. Helping a neighbor. Blowing more birthday candles. Lost things found. Bills paid.Throwing snowballs. Running extra miles. Lending others courage. Giving more. Leaps of faith. Laughing loud. Glass half-full. Strong embraces. Forgiving 70 x 7. Lighting a spark. Never giving up. Fearless of the dark. Finding healing. Hating evil. Loving good. Knowing the difference.

Lighting candles. Riding a bike. Teaching someone. Listening. Enjoying life. No grumbling or complaining. Seeking solace. Flying somewhere new. Raking up leaves. Leaving the dishes. Holding a sneeze. Stretching unused muscles. Saying, ‘bless you!’ and ‘please’. Turning off the news. Calling a friend. Looking ahead. Sipping tea. Sunlight on water. Saying ‘i do’.

Living in balance. Trying again. Running errands. Learning reverance. Breaking bread. Saying, ‘Amen’. Hugging the cat. Losing at bat. Receiving miracles. Making daisy chains. Being faithful. Knowing God. Smiling…just because. Seeking peace. Pursuing good. Trying again. Entertaining angels. Knowing when to ‘say when’. Letting go. Lessons learned. Forgiving. saying ‘i’m sorry’. Erasing debts. Believing more. Loving more. saying ‘Thank you!’ Stretching faith to the limit. Singing everyday praises. Climbing mountains. Making a difference.

© 2012 S. Michaels
Taking Care of Dreams

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