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Listening to a host of chatty news pundits quibbling over who had the most important speech following the GOP Convention in Tampa, Florida last night, I had a hard time understanding why it mattered. All of the speakers spoke powerfully, and each had something of value to say. Republicans had gathered as a group but guest speakers spoke as individuals. Individuals can be expected to have different things to say and different perspectives to share. Sometimes we get stuck asking why….why…why…? and we fail to really listen. It’s called analysis by paralysis. It can happen at a GOP convention or at church on Sundays. It’s easy to get caught up in a ‘why’ mentality. Which is why it was refreshing to find some balance on the subject in a brief devotional I read early this morning…Here’s an excerpt…

There is a story told about a heretic who visits a rabbi with a simple request. He has some questions about Judaism that he would like to ask. “Sure,” says the rabbi, “I’d be happy to answer your questions.” The heretic proceeds to rattle off about twenty questions. When he finishes speaking, he waits for the rabbi’s reply, but the rabbi is silent.

“Why don’t you have any answers?” the heretic asks. “Because you haven’t asked any questions,” comes the reply. The rabbi explains that had the heretic asked real questions, he would have gladly supplied the answers, but the man had simply made statements that he disguised in question form.

Not all questions are the same; they depend on the questioner. Some people are seekers and they truly wish to understand. Other people ask questions even though they have already made up their minds. They aren’t really interested in answers. Answers require us to re-think and re-evaluate. They may even make us admit error or force us to change. Sincere questioners aren’t afraid of answers. They are open and willing to hear them.

Do you have questions in your heart? Go ahead! Ask away! Just remember to listen for the answers and be prepared to possibly change because of what you’ve learned. Holy Land Moments – Devotionals.


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