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A powerful prayer…one we all ought to pray…from Joseyphina’s World, joseyphina.wordpress.com

Joseyphina's World

Keep my feet from slipping from the Way;
Keep my lips from hurting my brother;
Keep my heart from doubting who You are;
Keep my mind from being tainted with impure thoughts.

Guard my eyes so I don’t see the many perverse acts of man;
Guard my ears so I don’t hear the blasphemous lies of the enemy;
Guard my steps so I keep walking in the direction where You lead me;
Guard my heart so I will live the pure life You desire of me.

Use my lips to proclaim the Good news to mankind;
Use my hands to reach out and rescue the perishing;
Use my feet to run to help those lost and hurt;
Use my heart as your dwelling place always.

I am only a vessel made of Your breath and dust;
So please use me as you wish;
So that when Your breath is taken…

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  1. so glad you re-posted this. it is a truly beautiful prayer!

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