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Could This Be The Year? – by Grant Phillips

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…It’s easy to tell when a bad storm is on the way. The temperature changes. A slight breeze starts to rustle among the leaves of the trees. The clouds begin to darken as they roll toward us overhead. In the distance, a sound of thunder, then lightening is seen far off. A drizzle turns into a downpour. The storm is here. The thunder is deafening. The lightening is dangerous. Hopefully, we have already taken shelter.

While dark clouds of judgment begin to form over the earth, the storm is taking shape. The sound of thunder is faintly heard in the distance and gets louder as it draws closer and closer. All the signs of an approaching storm are here. Have you taken shelter?…

Read the full story at Rapture Ready…(special thanks to Jan Markell’s Olive Tree Ministries for her informative email newsletter highlighting Grant’s excellent writing and his  more than a little thought-provoking web site and blog).

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