In a troubled dream

Once you stood alone

Where a door sign read:

‘Closed for Season’

One too many nights

Spent wondering why

Wrestling questions

Unravelling wherefores

Trying hard to understand

How roads less travelled

Could get you anywhere

Pure trust as a child born

Kept you waiting there

Where rivers touch skies

With arms open wide

You know dreamers still dream

And so do you, finding out

Someone went all out for you

To bring you to this place

That says: Welcome home

No outpost where you belong

Life’s  just fine-tuning forever

In a song & the universe sings

Love’s here, now, and always

 © 2012 S. Michaels
Taking Care of Dreams

2 thoughts on “Outpost

  1. The blend of familiar phrases with soft, fresh, articulate lines was a beautiful treat. One of those smooth-moving poems that didn’t skid into a cliché. I loved the ending. I loved the message. Thank you.


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