Time to Talk

It’s time to talk
Time to take back ground
Time for restoration of all
Yes, everything that’s been taken
Every precious ounce of abundant life
My promises are flowing forth
There is a great outpouring
As the world trembles all around
My people shall find great shelter
And taste My sweet communion
It’s time to count blessings
It’s time to live in praise
It’s time for resounding shouts
The joy that brings down walls
Time to receive miracles and wonders
And as the rain falls to earth
So shall be My Word to My people
In this hour they shall walk wisely
And they shall go out with joy
Great is My peace that belongs to all
Who are led humbly by My Spirit
My Word shall not return void
But shall water the dry land
And every crop shall flourish
As My Word promises ‘No defeat!’
My everlasting Love dawns anew
It’s time to say hello to ‘awesome’
In mind, body, and in spirit
In thought, word, and in deed
Remove the ‘IM’ from impossible
Take ‘self’ out altogether!
Start living in New Creation
For all things are possible
For those who believe
In the Eternal Living One

© 2012 S. Michaels
Words From God’s Heart

Bible references: Revelation 15:3, 4 Revelation 4: 8-11

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