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Broken Wing


Broken wing…
Once you tip-toed skies
And loved to float
Laughin’ down stars
Trusting the universe
To love n’ hold you close
But a thousand miles away
You landed up in down places
Now just twenty four
You keep up a fine front
But there’s no way to hide
All the lies from truth
Your world’s black n’ blue
Don’t you know it

Broken wing…
Everyone looks aside
They can’t begin to imagine
Rough roads you’ve walked
And the pain you wear
Like a badge of courage
It’s getting tarnished and old
As you whisper your prayers
Others know this place
The highways n’ byways
Thank God that I know too
He’s lookin out for you

Broken wing…

Author: LightWriters

Life. Faith. Wellness.

2 thoughts on “Broken Wing

  1. What a blessing we know that God is looking out for us!

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