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He has never asked Why? or How? But at times he wonders
How they came to live in a new world and city free of war
A back alley cement square.  Paradise patch without flowers

A lucky place, his dad says, others live in distant suburbs
And might think they’re crazy squished into the inner city
But they own a car. Their balcony is shaded by a few willows

And these days his parents argue less. About nothing serious
Here, it seems to Sebastián, all of life is simple and good
Interrupted only by odd blips, like power bumps on a grid

The screech of the caretaker griping about unpaid parking
Party-goers roaring up the lane in the rumbling pitch of night
A crow cawing on garbage bins at the break of dawn

And no frightening need to flee from terror

In his global microcosm Sebastián feels united with others
They are all the same here. Unfettered, untouched by ‘past’
Pootie, from Bulawayo. Moh, from Turkey. Lisla, a girl from Uzbek

In sunlight or shade, this playground opens rooms on the world
This space to squabble, tumble, laugh? This is Paraíso

© S. Michaels
Breakaway – Spreading Wings

Author: LightWriters

Life. Faith. Wellness.

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