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Anyone Can Slay A Dragon


“Anyone can slay a dragon,” He told me, “…but try waking up every morning & loving the world all over again. That’s what takes a real hero.”
Forgive me this please, God calls each of us to LOVE HIM and LOVE others. Today I pray…walk BOLDLY in this; God is PERFECT, He does NOT ever make mistakes. He created and CHOSE us to be who we are, to draw others nearer to HIM. The sooner we grab hold of HIS truths….the sooner we can do what HE would love for us to get busy doing…Love others like He loves YOU. Not only the easy ones, but most especially, the difficult ones. They are the ones that need HIS love the most! AND~If it so happens you are one of the difficult ones~love yourself! Enough is enough…no excuses, no more special courses and training…no more no more.
(Hugs to my dear friend, Lo…for sharing this straight from His heart…to hers…to ours)

Author: LightWriters

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3 thoughts on “Anyone Can Slay A Dragon

  1. By loving our Lord and others we are fulfilling the most important commands we find in the Word. If we all did these the world would be a better place. Lord bless… great posting!

  2. I am encouraged and challenged by the truth of these words. Is it not amazing how quick we are to applaud our slaying of dragons… neglecting to hear our immediate and fundamental call. God bless

  3. loved this for probably the wrong reason – but I just read a popular facebook post with multitude of followers discussing the subject of slaying dragons before breakfast and then said what you said under my breath and went on with my day. now its evening and I am relaxed and read this simple and real post and just breathed a sigh of relief that all is well in the world and the important stuff is still important – bless you!

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