Iona’s Courts

I ken o’wn’ly guid hearts trul’y find
Peace in th’Abbey’s stone grey t’oor
Wha’ sweet’ness uv heav’n thair lays
Bejewel’d a’rownd wide silent hills
Ae sacre’d place wair birdsong trills
Wair clov’er carpets grace thae earth
An tuck’d behind each solemn stane
Auld prayers still wait an linger on
As branches uv thae wild yew tree
Tae ken tha place, is tae be free
Neath shad’y boughs, on sunny days
Ae piper’s song, will pipe tha’ way
An trustin’ hearts be set aright
Here, en Iona’s fair green courts

© 2012 S. Michaels
Alba Songs

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