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Joy Steppin’

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The way it was then

You often wonder

Will it ever be the same?

Those long summers

Edged with laughter

Soft songs afloat

Kids blowing bubbles

Sun bright days

Running free

Ditches flooding

Downpour seasons

Overlooked, forgotten

Bumps and scrapes

Racing giggles

Under the garden hose

Cattails fuzzing

Skeeters buzzing

Dragonflies & zipper bugs


Summer’s blue globe

Green shaded pools

Icy rainbow popsicles

Held closer now

Steppin’ out on joy

It’s all comin’ back

Like you never left

© 2012 S. Michaels
Taking Care of Dreams – Poems for the Here & Now

Author: LightWriters

Life. Faith. Wellness.

One thought on “Joy Steppin’

  1. Susan,

    Your poem certainly took me back to my days as a kid in the summer. You are so right when I was younger I experienced some of the greatest earthly joys of my life. The memories are good.

    It is so sad that as we age we have more responsibilities, trials and heartaches and much of this earthly joy escapes us. I am so thankful that through Christ we can continue to have spiritual joy in the midst of all our heaviness.

    Thanks for another wonderful poem that brought back some onderful memories.

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