Letter for the Broken…

I wrote a letter today…
A letter for the broken
A love letter for thousands
A letter for people everywhere
Of every nation, tribe, and tongue
A letter smudged by tears
A letter many have tried to destroy
A letter that’s been trampled underfoot
A letter often abused, mocked and scorned

Today, in my letter
I reached out to remind the broken
How much I care about them
And to be strong and of good courage
For I am with them always
And I have spoken and decreed
Whatever has been done
To the least amongst them
Has been done unto Me

My letter is inscribed in heaven
Its promises are kept forever
No kingdom shall ever overcome it
And this letter pre-dates time itself
Yet great earthly rulers have ignored it
And many have played a part in trying
To erase every trace of it from earth

Today I sent the letter out again
To the farthest corners of the earth
To an indigenous man in a wheelchair
A broken man shoved silently aside
On a crowded and filthy city bus
A person treated as worthless
But to Me, he is one of the greatest
In My everlasting Kingdom

I sent the letter to a war torn nation
Where it was not welcomed and was burned
And those who received it were killed
All because of my love letter

I sent the letter to a tiny child
Wearing a pink sun bonnet with flowers
And whose single mom lives in poverty
The mom and child laugh and play often
As though they are most wealthy
And in My Kingdom they are

How strange that people
Don’t understand my letter
But for those who do, happiness!
For they dwell even in troubled times
In a place of constant and real peace
Heaven is already alive in their hearts
And the door is waiting, wide open
For that time I will meet them
With great joy on the other side

One day everyone will meet Me
They will ask Me about the letter
Or try to declare they didn’t receive it
And I will tell them it was sent often
A hundred thousand, and thousands more times
Translated into every language
Delivered by My faithful servants
Who were railed against and hated
But those claiming they didn’t receive it
Will cry out again, “But we didn’t know!”
And I will say, “Yes, you did…
For you heard and saw my letter
Everywhere, but you didn’t believe
That it was sent even for you…”

And at last they will know
The terrible sorrow of faithlessness
And that life is about choosing
And about believing and receiving
Here and now, My letter of love…
Authored by the Living Word
Creator of the heavens and earth
And of all things

If you find My letter today
Please open it…believe it…share it
Never let it go…it is Living Word
A letter of LIFE

© 2012 S. Michaels
Words From God’s Heart

One thought on “Letter for the Broken…

  1. This falls fresh on my soul! Thank you for this dear Sister. I honestly thought I had been following your blog and had been wondering why I was not receiving anything in my inbox. I’m sure it was an error on my part. No worries now, I am following you via email. I look forward to reading and sharing the blessings of wisdom imparted to you.

    In Christ,


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