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The Close-by Kingdom

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People are in need all around us.

And timing is sometimes everything. The other day was a real scorcher. I normally head out on Saturdays  to do a bit of grocery shopping, but I had waited until the cool shade of the afternoon, and as I went my way, I came across a woman in a wheelchair who appeared to be waiting for someone. As I began to pass by, she spoke up. It seemed she’d been waiting for me…a stranger to come along. “Can you please help me out?” she asked softly.  I wondered how long she’d been waiting…

The woman explained that her motorized wheelchair had broken down and she had managed to get into a manually-operated chair and to leave her building but found she didn’t have the strength to push herself any further. I prayed quietly.

I’d been experiencing pain in my body for some time as the result of a bad flu that got into my muscles. I wasn’t sure I had the strength to help her.  But I silently asked God for strength and got pushing! Later, I prayed the woman would find someone to help her return home from where I had wheeled her. At her instructions, she’d asked to be left at a local coffee house some three city blocks from her apartment building.

People require ministry. Not just from ‘ministers’ or ‘pastors’…but from everyday disciples like you and me. They need to know God’s there. They need to know someone cares and to experience practical support and a little human kindness. When Jesus taught his disciples how to minister to others, he taught them how to pray for “His kingdom to come and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.” This means exactly what Jesus said. God deeply desires that His will, purpose and power from heaven is felt on earth.  He isn’t holding back for ‘some day’. And Jesus also gave  instructions about ministry:

“Go and accept the provision that comes your way. And heal the sick…then tell them the Kingdom of God has come near them.” (Luke 10: 8, 9)

Is God’s healing Kingdom still close-by today? The anwer is ‘Yes!’ The same salvation power that’s available to every living soul incorporates all of God’s heavenly blessings, including His indescribable deliverance, and His healing power.

Jesus said, “I am with you always, even to the close of the ages.” Did He really mean that? By all means, yes!

Friends, the Lord’s Kingdom is close-by to you and to me. His Kingdom, like a great rushing river, continually  overflows with power beyond human understanding or description. His divine and heaven-sent New Creation power!  Jesus promised this power is fully available to all who believe and receive His love, truth and promises.  Receive all that He has for you…today. Let your faith be like that of a little child.  And let His power pour out and overflow into the lives of others around you.

© 2012 S. Michaels
From notebook: Following God

Author: LightWriters

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One thought on “The Close-by Kingdom

  1. Susan,

    I really appreciated your statement, “People require ministry. Not just from ‘ministers’ or ’pastors’…but from everyday disciples like you and me.”
    In my experience this statement has been shown to be true repeatedly. Those of us who are “full time ministers” are looked upon by others as being “different”, intimidating, and, in many ways, are expected to serve the Lord and give Biblical advice to others.
    But when a Godly disciple lives for the Lord and shares the Word with others it make a much bigger impact on others around us. I most cases a disciple of the Lord is able to develop much closer interpersonal relationships with others. In doing so, they have many more opportunites to be a living witness to those in need.
    Thanks for another great posting. You have verbalized what I have seen take place for many years. Lord bless you.

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