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These Kids Have Wings

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Mine is a bird’s eye view
A simple observation deck
Pierced by polaroid snapshots 
And passing commentaries
As the ‘Downs’ kids arrive
Gentle kids in grown-up bodies 
Punctual. Smack on the dot at 8:14.
A few people grimace and mumble
The ‘kids’ don’t know they don’t fit in
And they don’t know I have adopted them

Pumpkin Boy’s a round kid
a ball of brightness in orange jacket
& always his clean high top sneakers
Meticulous. He perchs, pinky out
Ties and reties. A perfect knot.

‘Mickey’ smiles ear-to-ear
as if the world’s his buddy
chirping gibberish words
fluttering fingers up and down
A puppet show. God laughs.

And ‘Ebby’ with her floppy shoes
talks too much so Mickey blurts out
‘Hey!You’re supposed to be quiet!’
Keeping each other in line. A giggle.
No hurt feelings. No one snubbed.

No one knows they’re all mine. 
I love them. These kids have wings.

© 2012 S. Michaels
Breakaway – Spreading Wings


Author: LightWriters

Faith child. Poet. Photo-buff.

One thought on “These Kids Have Wings

  1. Precious miracles of God’s creation. Thank you for sharing each of their adorable personalities with us! You are so blessed!

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