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These Kids Have Wings

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Mine is a bird’s eye view
A simple observation deck
Pierced by polaroid snapshots 
And passing commentaries
As the ‘Downs’ kids arrive
Gentle kids in grown-up bodies 
Punctual. Smack on the dot at 8:14.
A few people grimace and mumble
The ‘kids’ don’t know they don’t fit in
And they don’t know I have adopted them

Pumpkin Boy’s a round kid
a ball of brightness in orange jacket
& always his clean high top sneakers
Meticulous. He perchs, pinky out
Ties and reties. A perfect knot.

‘Mickey’ smiles ear-to-ear
as if the world’s his buddy
chirping gibberish words
fluttering fingers up and down
A puppet show. God laughs.

And ‘Ebby’ with her floppy shoes
talks too much so Mickey blurts out
‘Hey!You’re supposed to be quiet!’
Keeping each other in line. A giggle.
No hurt feelings. No one snubbed.

No one knows they’re all mine. 
I love them. These kids have wings.

© 2012 S. Michaels
Breakaway – Spreading Wings

Author: LightWriters

Life. Faith. Wellness.

One thought on “These Kids Have Wings

  1. Precious miracles of God’s creation. Thank you for sharing each of their adorable personalities with us! You are so blessed!

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