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Iona’s Smiles

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Far past grand isles, where seal pups play
We skipp’d oor moorin’s, an sail’d awa’
Be’yon’ grassy shores, wair seas gang still
an kings lay asleep, below ancient hills
We wander’d slow’ly, past walls a’crumbl’d
Where clover danc’d, an bees a’bumbl’d
Wair Iona’s smiles, chas’d awa’ ow gloom
oor hearts blaz’d warm, as sun at noon
Awa’ ow clamour’in, ow noise, ow fuss
oor troubles dispers’d, wi’nae regret
We luv’d God’s earth, as niver before
An ken we wair bless’d, by life’s swee’t hours
We ken we’d found peace, an’ we ken tha mony miles
It tak tae cum hame tae, tae Iona’s fair smiles

© 2012 S.Michaels
Alba Songs

Author: LightWriters

Life. Faith. Wellness.

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