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Rulers & Kingdoms

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Throughout human history mankind has been subject to the power and governance of rulers.

Kingdoms led by benevolent rulers often prospered and abided in peace. The Bible holds a solid record of such good kings…King David, Abijam, Asa, Jehoshaphat, Manasseh, Hezekiah, Joash, Ahaz, and many more. Some kingdoms have been ruled over by conniving masters of tyranny whose glory in their control and manipulation of the masses often led to wars, oppression, and destruction. The Bible also contains a list of such ‘real life’ tyrants, Omri, Elah, Zimri, Shallum, Nadab, and so on.

Every ruler leaves a legacy. The results of godly and wise leadership always raises up and harvests manifold blessings. The results of tyrannical rule always ends up with devastation and destruction. And without some godly rule of law and leadership, history tells a sad and sorry tale … a tale of anarchy, people amassing to wreak violence and havoc, and railing in the streets to stir up trouble.

God is a God of order and His divine and peaceful rule and leadership is ultimately one that results in triumph over evil, and brings love and liberty. Whether people acknowledge Him or not, throughout history we can look back and witness God’s hand at work. “He raises up kings…” Daniel 2: 20:23 We may think that men and women raise themselves up, and indeed it may appear so for a season or seasons, but when God’s people have been oppressed…suddenly God responds by bringing the power of His Name to bear…and His full and total freedom.

As He did during Isaiah’s time, God speaks today to nations and people who are seeking His help, “Wake up! Arise from the dust…my people were tyrannized without cause, and I delivered them. Those who rule over them shout in exultation and my Name is constantly blasphemed. Therefore, I will reveal my Name to my people, and they shall know the power in that Name.” Isaiah 52: 1-6 (TLB).

And God says to the people He frees, “How beautiful are the feet of those upon the mountains who bring my happy news of peace…the news that their God rules over all.” Isaiah 52:7 (TLB)

Whatever nation of the world you are in today and whatever your situation, if you are seeking after and following the Living God, God will not fail you. God will deliver you. Get ready to know and experience…the power of His Name.

© 2012 S. Michaels
From Notebook: Following God

Author: LightWriters

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