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Does God Keep Secrets?


The answer is yes. He does. God has secrets, wonders and mysteries for us to discover which are far beyond our own imaginations. God is ‘the’ Grand Designer of all of life. Oh, the wonders of God!

Half the fun of secrets is often in the wondering about and seeking them out. Have you ever had someone keep a secret and then reveal it…? Perhaps it was the secret that your life mate whispered when they told you of their love for you and you alone. Whenever we share secrets it is usually with someone with whom we have developed an intimate and trustworthy relationship.

Deep secrets of God are the same. They wait for those who love and seek him and who desire to draw closer to Him. And like the music of a rushing stream in springtime, it is impossible to catch all the notes. The amazing beauty of it all is that all of God’s secrets are ours…for the seeking…

Try to imagine it. Step outside the limits of your own finite thinking and take hold of the infinite of God today. Seek Him in His Word or in His astounding creation around you. If you build a close two-way connection with God and really get to know Him, the secrets He will disclose will never cease to amaze you.

Perhaps John, the writer of the fourth gospel in the New Testament said it best, “And I suppose that if all the other events in Jesus’ life were written, the world could hardly contain all the books.” (John 21:25)

“The secrets of the Lord are for those who fear Him…and He will make known to them His covenant.” Psalm 25:14

“Great and mighty are Your deeds, O Lord God Almighty. Just and true are Your ways O King of the ages. Who will not fear You and praise Your Name, for Your righteous deeds have been disclosed.” Revelation 15: 3, 4

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2 thoughts on “Does God Keep Secrets?

  1. Very true Susan. I like your words “Step outside the limits of your own finite thinking and take hold of the infinite of God today” Amen!

  2. Susan,

    As we seek to discover all the truths He has given to us in His Word…. just think about all the wonderful truths He has not revealed to man. I believe throughout eternity we will be taught of Him as He reveals many of His secrets to us!
    Great posting on the need to study His Word and come to an understanding of the deeper things of God found in His Word. Lord bless you. Thanks for the encouragemnt.

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