Ae Skye Song

Ae kind soul once led me
tae wand’r’ thae isles
Aye, a dear soul did luv me
an’ hugg’d me thae while
An all thae grand days
wen we travel’d in May
We dream’d fine’est dreams
oot a’lang thae Skye wa’

We dream’d oor best dreams
as we wander’d thae hills
We laff’d oor best laffs
an we paid aw thae bills
We spent thae swee’t hours
an we niver gang ill
An we dream’d we micht sta’
oot a’lang thae Skye wa’

Near tha’wee place Dunollie
thae auld inn by thae sea
We lairn’d uv seve’n sailors
wha’ sail’d oot one dae
tha’ dinna return hame
and nae body kens why
A grey storm roll’d in
an stole them awa’
(repeat chorus)

We said brave fareweel’s
on a grassy green hill
We wav’d fon’ g’ byes
an we swore we’d return
As we look’d oot tae sea
wh’ere a dark mist roll’d by
We found ourselves dream’in
Of rainbows o’er Skye
(repeat chorus)

© 2012 S. Michaels
Alba Songs 

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