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Orkneyinga Trek

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Och, weary ae tumbl’d, a’stirr’d frae sleep
B’low gloamin’ skies ow a’rumblin’ an’ bleak
Wair Thorfinn th’Mighty once stomp’d a’foot
I gang aglae alang auld Kirkwaa’s roods
Me heid a’birling wi’Orkneyinga things
Ae want’it somethin’ braw bonny tae tak
Hame, ae sma’ wee trinket, ae Kirkjuvr thing!
Tae remind me uv this place fur’evr
Wair hoose an’ hame hae stay’d th’same
Wair ancestral wairds wair forg’d an’ kept
Wair trav’llers wish’d they’d ne’vr left
Wair thae auld kirk still wins souls fast
Wair winds blaw soft as an’ angel’s wee kiss
An’ as I pondered ow things Orkneyinga
Hoot! Mercy me, I did uncover at last
Ae mem’ry sweet tae flaunt on me breast
As bloom’in flow’rs by thae ruff burn
Ae bright reid string, o’Kirkwaa beads

© 2012 S. Michaels Alba Songs

Author: LightWriters

Life. Faith. Wellness.

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