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Thae Wilde Hills


Wheesht! Listen…Dougal whisper’d in her ear
Dae ye ken thae wilde hills hae tales tae tell?
Eechie ochie, Mairi sweet wi’ a smile confess’d
Why, lookit thae wild hills in thae grand Hielan’ dress!
Thair thae same as thae wair an’ will alwa’s remain
Whit caw’d seekin’ hearts, an’ romance’d thae clans
An wept o’er stark ruins, same as those crumbl’d hair
Wha’ mair culd thae wild hills tell oos, mi dear?
Wheesht! Listen…Dougal sigh’d at his Mairi in earnest
Dae ye ken thae wilde hills air weary o’waitin’?
Eechie ochie, she replied soft an low as a doo
Why thae wilde hills nae mair wait than yer sheep
Wheesht! Whit’s a body tae dae? Dougal sigh’d nearer
A bawbee for your thoughts, luv, is all I truly lang fer
An’ as Mairi laff’d l’owd, he ken he’d finally won her

© S. Michaels 2012
Alba Songs

(Author’s Note: I am not a Scot, but a certain ‘luv’ for the inherent romance of Scotland inspired this wee fun poem.  And  I don’t ‘ken’ for certain, but ‘Eechie ochie’ might mean ‘neither here nor there’, ‘doo’ is ‘dove’, ‘bawbee’ is an old penny, an’ anythin’ else ye dinna ken yer’self, weel, you will jist hae to ‘wing it’! )

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2 thoughts on “Thae Wilde Hills

  1. hmmm…I thought…that I took the photo near Inverary, but I saw soooo many castles on that trek. Upon closer inspection, you may be quite right…Yes, it does indeed look a lot like Kilchurn come tae think of it! 🙂

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