Five Sisters O’Kintail

Och they wair ev’r sae fair
those wee five bairns startin’ oot

An’ dinna they al’ways remain sae
clear, n’strong an’ steady as th’hills
that still surround Loch Duich?

First Esther, th’black-eyed one
wi’silken peaty locks a’tumblin doon

An’ blue-eyed darling happy Em
her tresses all aflame an’ red

Och, an’sweet as broom o’ gold
Irene, for’evr danc’in th’highlands

An’ doon in th’garden, Martha’s smile
al’ways sing’in, her bonny eyes a’light

An niver th’ least, th’a wee’est bairn, Flo
bright curls coiled tight as ferns by th’burn

Th’a five sisters o’Kintail it’s weel known
wair each a perfect renderin’ on her oon
fine an’ guid as ev’r heaven culd design

An’ along tha’ way on certain misty morns
where th’grand Munros embrace Glen Shiel
an’ wispy evergreens stand still as sentinels

One fancies hearin’ songs o’breezes on wood’d trails
Per’haps th’a sweetest laughter one’s ev’r heard

An’ as the sun warmly rises an’ sets again
Those hearts a’finely tuned to heaven’s mysteries
Might well discern, th’ five sisters o’ Kintail stroll’in near

©S. Michaels
Alba Songs

Author’s note: Kintail, a ruggedly beautiful area in the northwest highlands of Scotland, is known primarily for its five famous ‘sister’ mountains (Gaelic: Còig Peathraichean Chinn Tàilenear) which stand majestically along the highway of Glen Shiel, between Loch Duich and Loch Cluanie. I dedicated this poem to my mom and her four sisters…who to me are thae ‘five sisters’ o’Kintail. 🙂

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