They That Wait

I happen to come from a long line of ‘doers’…people who just love to dig in and get things done, people who thrive on pushing the limits to make things happen –whether by taking on a work challenge, volunteering,  getting the house in order, or spending time perfecting a lawn or garden, or a lovely meal for family and friends.

Doers love to ‘do’. Doers thrive on managing expectations. They like to figure out all the ins and outs of a situation and love getting out ahead of the curve. Doers thrive on planning, creating, innovating, and organizing. They live by taking action. Being a ‘doer’ is a great thing! It often leads to wonderful accomplishments.

But there’s the flip side. Being a doer can become a drain if it leads to overcompensating or taking on too much or failing to leave room for others to pitch in. In short, sometimes doers are in danger of becoming  ‘overdoers’. And sometimes doers have a hard time waiting. They can become impatient with others, or may struggle when setbacks come up as part of everyday life and living.

Life isn’t always about doing. From God’s perspective life requires balance and alongside doing comes waiting…Sometimes waiting can seem forever for a ‘doer’. But waiting upon God and soaking up rest from Him, learning from Him, and getting a refreshing ‘download’ of His presence is ultimately every bit as valuable and important as doing and getting things done.

“They that wait…upon the Lord…shall renew their strength…”

Are you a tired-out ‘doer’? Take a load off. Wait on God. Catch a glimpse of His smile. Listen for His voice. Wait for His refreshing. There’s power, peace and joy in doing…and a whole lot more in waiting. Learning to know when to ‘do’ and when not to…is one of life’s most valuable lessons, and an important part of following God.

copyright 2012 S. Michaels
Following God

3 thoughts on “They That Wait

  1. Waiting upon the Lord can be one of the most difficult acts of service we are called upon to perform. Although it is very difficult at times, the Lord always blesses us in great ways when we are willing to wait upon Him an His timing!


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