First Miracle

That sunlit day
Launched in laughter
Sunlight chasing rain
Dew on every leaf
Afloat on her Abba’s arm
Wiping her mother’s tears
Children racing underfoot
Afloat in heavenly scents
Sweet honeysuckle vines
Lily of the valley fragrant
And secret smiles hushed
Awaiting the moment
Of vows and blessings
A night of celebration
Below a starlit canopy
Torches blazing red
Hearts aflame with love
And in the midst of it all
The Lord’s first miracle
Took place quietly
As servants obeyed
Filling great clay jars
And water turned to wine
As the Galilean promised
The best saved for last
On her wedding day

© S. Michaels
In His Presence
John 2: 1-12

One thought on “First Miracle

  1. Many times the first miracle of the Lord has a tendency to be underemphasized in the light of some of His more “famous” miracles…. raising Lazarus, healing the demoniacs etc. But if we stop to think about it, one of the greatest lessons we learn from His miracles can be found in His first miracle…. He is able to meet all of our needs, if we only come to Him and rely upon Him to intervene according to His will. Lord bless you.


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