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Bless All The Dear Children

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When did we stop blessing children? This is a serious question. I’m not asking it.

God is.

God asked this question when He heard on this week’s news reports that children younger than age 12 are being ‘educated’ with explicit sex education classes in my country, and are being told lies that they’re ‘two-spirited’ and that anything goes…toddlers being taught ‘sex stuff’ that would make most adults blush…

God asked this question when He heard how yet another violent child abuser and vile sex offender, a predatory pedophile got handed a next to nothing ‘sentence’ after destroying the life of yet another innocent child, and who knows how many others…?

God asked this question when He heard on this week’s news that no one was batting an eye about a NY Times best-seller book series for kids (the movie’s being released this week) that advocates kids murdering other kids…after all, it’s rated ‘PG-13’…so that oughta make it okay, right?

God asked this question when He heard about more children dying daily to violent crimes around the world, and more children starving and being neglected not only in distant nations, but right in our own neighbourhoods…

Jesus said, “Whoever causes one of my little children harm…it would be better for them to have a millstone tied around their neck and be thrown into the deepest sea…” Mark 9:42

There may appear to be little hope, little justice, little blessing in the world today for the children…but at the end of the road and just the other side of this life…God’s waiting, and He’s expecting some answers…

In the meantime, thank God for those who dare to speak out and who are taking a bold and courageous stand in the defense of our little ones everywhere, and God bless and bring His help and justice for all the dear children…

© 2012 S. Michaels

Author: LightWriters

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One thought on “Bless All The Dear Children

  1. You said it very well Susan. Nowadays, movies are made to please the audience of this world. They like sex and violence, then the film-makers make the movies to please them and to collect money from them.

    Some movies are rated PG-13, but there are scenes with sexuality in it when I see the synopsis. These movies should be rated as adult movies. But the movie makers don’t care; they just want to make money. For some movies, I wanted to take my kids to see them, but when I read the preview or synopsis, violence or sex was involved. Some movies are suppsoed to be kid’s movies, but there always has that kinds of unnecessary stuff in it.

    May God help our children.

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