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I Just Struck Gold!

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There’s a rather quaint old saying about friendship you may have heard…

“Make new friends, keep the old. One is silver, the other gold.”

Too many people fret over the price and weight of stuff that can’t buy you happiness…like silver and gold. However, if you’ve been storing up ‘friendship gold’, guaranteed…YOU are one of the most fortunate and blessed persons on the planet. The lovely thing about real gold – it’s a precious metal that doesn’t rust. The wonderful thing about old and dear friends —neither do they!

I experienced the reality of this recently on a business trip when I had a unique opportunity to attend an event taking place in a small northern community in my ‘home’ province of Manitoba, Canada…a town I had never really expected to visit again. And I was more than pleasantly surprised at how much the community had grown…and how it was no longer ‘remote’ but graced by tourism development and streets, roads, and amenities I had never dreamed would ever be there when I was a kid. The town also sported a huge ‘Welcome’ sign along the road from the airport that declared in bright hopeful letters: In God We Trust”.

The business event I was at proved intensely jam-packed. Too busy to do anything but stick to my table and greet passersby. When it was time for a lunch break, I introduced myself to a business person who was seated at the booth next to mine. I read her name tag. And then did a double-take…and gave her a huge hug!

Turned out the woman’s last name wasn’t one I recognized, but I knew her face and her first name! She was instantly familiar — and I had met up with a dear girlhood friend I had once run and played with in Grades 4 and 5. We had come from different socio-economic backgrounds, but it hadn’t mattered. We had laughed and played together. And now we laughed again!

What a ‘bonus’ and great joy to discover my friend of long ago had also found faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We spoke over lunch, and learned of the paths we had taken – including ups and downs. Then we had our photo taken together, and it was as though the decades between us since our childhoods no longer existed.

I had struck gold!

In life’s ups and downs and in all of our winding journeys and pathways, imagine having the very good fortune of making new friends…and the greater joy of keeping treasured old friends. And then think of the amazing moments when you even discover…’lost treasure’.

If you haven’t already done so, consider your new friends as ‘silver’…and treasure your old friends as gold. One day the ‘weight’ of this investment could be worth more than you could possibly measure.

© S. Michaels 2012


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One thought on “I Just Struck Gold!

  1. Today, I was just thinking of my high school friends I haven’t seen for years, wondering what they were doing.

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