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Thae Sweet’est Rose

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Och, tak th’journ’y wi’ me, wuld ye?
Wilde an’ lang, an’ langer still
Wi’ longin’ swee’ter than ae kiss
Let’s brush Glen Shiel’s sable lids
Closed s’owftly on bright even’in skies
Let’s lairn thae lilac’s deepest secrets
An ken thae hielan’s auldest sighs
Let’s Glenfinnan’s precipices climb
Och, let’s race blue-violet isles!
An run upon thae heather’d hills
Let’s gaze forever in ae beloved’s eyes
Let’s wear oor hearts upon oor sleeves
An ken wair blooms thae sweet’est rose.

©2012 S. Michaels
Alba Songs

Author: LightWriters

Life. Faith. Wellness.

One thought on “Thae Sweet’est Rose

  1. I like poetry in Braid Scots, sae here’s a giftie in return.

    I see my childish yesterdays
    wi’ een noo auld and sad –
    The Sma’ Glen in her autumn claes
    of green and russet plaid,
    The Almond’s flow by Amulree,
    the trout that cheat the hook,
    The dun atop o’ Milquhanzie –
    in memory’s sketchbook.

    How is that wain in wellingtons
    intae a woman grown,
    Wha saw the silver skeletons
    o’ birks by winter blown?
    How does that reid-clad, peerie lass
    wear green and brown of age?
    A’Mhairi bheag, a’ things maun pass –
    move on, and turn the page

    Marie Marshall

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