Why Hope?

Why hope? Look at my situation! What’s the point?

Have you ever felt this way? Awful, isn’t it? Losing hope is like losing ground. At its worst, losing hope is like losing everything.

Hope is one of life’s greatest treasures. It’s a gift God designed for us to keep and hold on to – always. We need to picture hope from God’s perspective. Hope is a divine spark, a seed, a vision, a glimmer of a dream, a pearl of great price, a remarkable creative resource…given by Him.

Hope is longing. Hope is an eternal flame fanned forever by a power greater than ourselves. Hope reachs far beyond our own limits. It is a mountaintop climbed with a view beyond our wildest imagination! Hope is a miracle. It is a baby born, a career achievement, a book written and published, a journey taken after years of ‘hoping’ to travel…Hope is awesome! If we could only hold on to hope, we could achieve just about anything.

As with all of God’s great gifts, hope faces challenges. Hope can become stalled by unexpected delays, setbacks, roadblocks, or even by a negative prognosis. When hopes aren’t realized, we can begin to doubt and waver. The Bible says, “Hope deferrred makes the heart sick…”

So why would God design us to be people of ‘hope’ if it’s so hard to hold on to it?  Why bother?…Why hope?

We hope…because seeing hope through to the finish line is worth it all – all the delays and heartaches in between! At the other end of the ‘hope rope’ no matter how tough the spiritual tug o’war, miracles are waiting to happen. The Bible says, “Faith is the substance (the actual living result)…of things hoped for…” (Hebrews 11:1)

So what are you hoping for? For someone you love to be well? For  someone’s who’s been battling unemployment to finally land a great job? For a broken relationship to be mended? Whatever it is…big or small, never let go of hope! Hope abandoned becomes the opposite of hope – hopelessness – the muck of doubt, fear, insecurity, and defeat. That’s NOT God’s plan for anyone. Hope that holds on is connected to a God of grace and love, a God who’s eternally on your side and rooting for you all the way!

Hold on to hope and very soon along comes faith to see you through! Not faith in ‘self’ or even in that ‘something’ you were hoping for…but faith in a God who is closer than the mention of His name and who hopes with you and loves and cheers you on to receive His promises. Hope brings incredible rewards, “Against all hope, Abraham in hope…believed…and it was credited to him as righteousness.” (Romans 4:18)

What are you hoping for today? Are you fully convinced beyond all circumstances you may be facing that God is willing and able to see you through? Hold on to hope in Himuntil the answer comes. If you’re not sure of His presence in your situation, ask Him to reveal how close He is. In the meantime, the faith He’s building up in your life during your journey of hope may turn out to be the kind that moves mountains.

© 2012 S. Michaels
From Notebook: What Have You Got to Lose?

2 thoughts on “Why Hope?

  1. Losing hope is like losing life itself. I could not imagine living without hope and pray often that those I love will be renewed in their hope and strength. It pains me to meet young people who have lost hope and can only pray that my words, blogs or songs or something will get through.

    Thanks for posting.


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