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Daybreak let loose
Expelled smooth breaths
Startling her at first
As a darkwing bird
Alighting at the window
Brushing teeth half asleep
An inner smile drifted
Erasing fears of night
Reclaiming happiness
She eyed pear-shaped shadows
Huddling, lumbering in the street
Tiptoeing on wingtips of winter
Patiently, she blended into routine
Designing coffee swirls
Before heading to the bus stop
Like a child in new boots
Slopping slushily aboard
Glancing at reluctant crowds
She followed the sun’s flare
As a match striking the horizon
Painting daybreak into flight

©2012 S. Michaels
Breakaway – Spreading Wings

Author: LightWriters

Life. Faith. Wellness.

One thought on “Daybreak

  1. especially liked ‘like a child in new boots, slopping slushily aboard’. having been a child in new boots mucking about in the slush, i could really picture that. wonderful poem, Susan.

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