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From Christian Blessings…another excellent article on faith…this one all about a road less travelled… full article here…CHRISTIAN BLESSINGS…


The wide road is easy to find.  The wide road is open to any and all fleshly desires.

The world is paved with a wide road, but God has paved a narrow road for us to walk.  But the decision of which road to take, wide or narrow, is up to us.  We must choose the narrow road, God will not choose it for us.  The wide road  appears to be easier, more comfy, more pleasurable, more popular, and is loaded with people.  The narrow road appears to be tougher, less comfy, less pleasurable and fun, and unpopular and less populated.  Things are not always what they seem though, and the wide road ends in destruction and mayhem and extreme sorrow.  The narrow road leads to a life of love, joy, strength, hope, truth, fun, and life becomes full and good.  This road is not perfect or without it’s trials…

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  1. Thank you for an encouraging reminder that as Christians we have chosen lives less than ordinary. Not always easy but completely worth it.

  2. By God’s grace, I have chosen the narrow road. : )

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